Shop patriotic shirts for women that are approved by bald eagles and unapologetically American. Merica.

Patriotic Shirts For Women

Attention ladies, like the shirt states...."All Lives Matter". This includes the stylist who botched your last tint and perm. I'm afraid the guy checking out in front of you, who STILL hasn't mastered the art of using the supermarket credit card terminal, is also included. Throw in the barista who...
Ladies, help spread the word...."All Lives Matter". It doesn't matter if you're black, brown, white, or a marvelous yet subtle shade of baby blue. I think we can all agree with this message. Let this shirt be a stepping stone to unity amongst people of all colors, with the exception...
If you have a way with words, a passion for puzzles, a love for riddles, and a fondness for talking like a sailor anytime you speak of Hillary Clinton, then shirt is just the right fit. Much like the riddle printed on your Lonestar beer cap, this one is a...
It’s been 19 years since Monica Lewinsky last had a roll in the hay with President Clinton. As such, the pity party is over for Hillary—she’s now accountable for being a complete and total douche of a woman. “Hillary for President” women need to give it a rest, embracing the...
Why wait for the object of your affection to make the first move? Let your shirt make the first move for you. Snag a lover while simultaneously celebrating being American AF.  
1918. 1945. 20?? We've already got two world war championships -- don't make us pull a Pat Riley and three-peat. Merica.  
When you pursue a DD-214 instead of your PhD.
George Washington: Tall, light, and shredded. 6 foot 3 and 200 pounds of muscle, this size 13 shoe-wearing dreamboat had large hands and long arms, but according to historians, he was, quote "strikingly graceful and widely known for being one of the best dancers in America". SWOON.
Some may see this shirt as simply a tee with the number 1 on it. Big deal. Those in the know realize it makes a much larger statement. The "1" projects how you feel about yourself. The Red, White, and Blue further states how you feel about your Country. If...
A patriot's job is never done.
Think you’re a badass? Have you ever killed 10 insurgents with a grenade… before it exploded? Have you ever told congress to f*** off on the house floor? Have you ever walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and then stopped to take a piss? That’s alright, not...
Looking for someone with a great sense of humor? President Obama is the guy for you! This two term POTUS puts the A in LMAO!  
Add a dash of Magnum PI and a sprinkling of Vin Diesel to the whole Clark Kent thing and you've got Teddy Roosevelt AKA Teddy Swolesevelt. A true renaissance man, this statesman / author / explorer / soldier / naturalist / 26th POTUS / hardbody / Mount Rushmore feature deserves a...
Are you a lover of: A) America B) Cats C) Captain America D) Chris Evans E) A combination of 2 - 3 of the above F) All of the above This one's for you.
"Para Espanol o prima dos?" This is our country, we don't press uno for English!



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