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Ronald Reagan - Velociraptor

Ronald Reagan - Velociraptor

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"While I purchased this shirt with an understanding that I am misrepresenting the historical events of the Cold War and the tools used by President Ronald Reagan to confront the Soviet Union, I was not entirely prepared for the full extent of glory and status that was to be bestowed upon me. This shirt single-handedly proves to passersby that the late Cretaceous period did not extinguish the life from the beasts of steeds who were used as vessels into the gates of hell.. that time travel truly exist for the legends who are destined to shape the fabric of the American way of life.. and that the M4 carbine and RPG-7 are the choice hand-tools of a true warrior. 

When this accoutrement is donned, I am flooded with the urge to teach the world what I know.. where I've been and what I've seen. It immediately gives a gentleman an appetite for a dame on one knee to light his cigar, and a well seasoned scotch with a black coffee chaser. #America"


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