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The only thing more glorious than Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump's hair is this tank top. Your personal guns will send the "You're Fired" message loud and clear in this sleeveless number. One look at all the proud Americans in our fan photos will prove this is the most Patriotic...
The official shirt for God Emperor Trump, the first and best pro-Trump meme page. Your liberal friends and acquaintances will be literally shaking when they see you sporting this shirt and supporting the God Emperor at school, work, or at the gym!
The Donald has won the White House and is moving in. How regal does he look sitting at that desk? All he needs now is a fan to blow his glorious locks and the image would be complete. Celebrate the Trump victory with this tank!
Trump has conquered the Presidency. Next, the Galaxy! It's going to be huge. I guarantee it.  
Avoid awkward conversations and annoying liberal whining by just getting it all out there in the open right away. With this shirt proclaim, "I am politically incorrect" and then proceed to practice your First Amendment.
Is your favorite news source mainstream media? Now you have a shirt portraying all the fake news of this past election cycle. No obligation, no subscription, just hyberbole and slanted reporting!!
Get the t-shirt showing Donald posing with his Christmas gift from First Lady, Melania. Grab that President Trump!
He’s our president now, and all the haters can eat his D. The next four years will be an amazing time to be alive in America and trolling on Twitter.
No matter your feelings about the 2016 election, we all could use a little more love in our life. Bring back that loving feeling and start campaigning for Maverick and Goose in 2020.
This t-shirt's message "Make America Great Again" is loud and clear. It's been pounded into our heads for the last 18 months. Now it's time to see if Trump can deliver. I have a feeling his pussy grabbing days aren't over quite yet though.
Poor Hillary. Look at the image of Hillary Clinton on this t-shirt. There's gotta be an empty post somewhere for her. Maybe she can adopt a child and run for PTA President.
Live in a blue state and pissed off?  Click here to check out the more precise version by county!
The precise version of the Red Vs Blue map is further proof that the right man has won the job. I guess Hillary won the popular vote, although this graphic shows otherwise. Hail to the Chief.
Quality Material - Made of Durable Polyester. Strengthened by Double Stitching, Canvas Header and Two Brass Grommets. Bright Color with Fade Resistant - The Color is Sharp and Vivid and The Dye Has Been Processed for UV Fade Resistant. Fly in Breeze - This Flag is Very Light-Weighted. So It...
It's Trump in his prime.  1990's style, baby!
Donald Trump is large. It's hard to see the physique when he's standing behind a podium. The Donald has muscles that the average human does not. It's all in his book "The Art Of The Deal". His hair can bench press 265 lbs......dead lifts 425 lbs. Not too shabby. Get...
Imagine Mrs. Clinton in a nicely tailored striped pantsuit. Cuffs rolled up. Bandana wrapped tight around her head. "Of course I'll be here when you get out babe"..."I'll get by somehow"-- Bill
When you're America's most powerful business man, a typical mechanical private jet just won't do. Trump has used his negotiation skills and charming personality to tame the wild bald eagle for his personal transportation. Enjoy the breeze from the eagle's flapping wings on your biceps and underarms in this patriotic...
Get the shirt featuring Top Gun Donald Trump. He flies without a helmet or oxygen mask. Why no helmet? The hair of course. Why no mask? He wouldn't be able to talk to his hordes of fans!
This is what it looks like when The Donald has a wet dream. If you also dream of hunting the Clinton Predator like a badass Trump-enegger, then this shirt might be for you. Because “If she bleeds, we can kill it!”.
LOL...The image on this tank top leaves me speechless. Put this bad boy on and go take a stroll through the mall. The looks you get will be priceless. It's meaning? Beats me. All I know is that it's funnier than sh**. I'm Donald Trump and I'm not too sure,...
Get your sexy Rocky Balboa shirts people! This shit is too hot to hold onto for long. Rocky’s going to give Hillary the old 1-2, and then we’ll definitely be sold out of these bad boys. Show off your guns and show off the Trump glory - all with one...
One woman’s condescending insult is another woman’s secret weapon. Because when you’re a lady in the streets and a deplorable in the sheets, you have the power to bend any man’s will to your own. 
Is this message true ladies? Get the t-shirt and see what everyone says. Trump agrees with it.
The H is as silent as US military drone creeping up on a wedding in Yemen. As silent as any glimmer of Hillary's personality. As silent as all the unborn fetuses those heathen Pro-Choice democrats have murdered.
"Hookers and Cocaine '16" Just like real life presidential running mates. They'll tell you over and over, just how much they want you. They throw huge parties and fill you full of high hopes. In the end though, you're left with no money and a four year headache. So what.....I'll...
Do your muscles scream assault weapons?  PROS:* Quality-made: it fits just like it should, and although I'm not certain, I'm pretty sure that I'm now bullet-proof. * The artwork is mesmerizing. When I walk into a room, everyone's gaze is drawn to my bosom and I'm not even a chick!*I've...
Ahhh...The good old days. Economy was great, future looked bright, and we just pointed our nukes at anyone who threatened us.
Have you lost it? That loving feeling? Bring it back by conjuring the Top Gun gods with the only ticket we fully support for the 2016 US Presidential election. Fulfill your need, need for speed and buy one for both you and your wingman. A vote for Maverick/Goose is a...
We shall overcomb! Vote for Donald Trump's hair in 2016!
In America, anything is possible. Think about it—here in The Land of Opportunity, we built the Panama Canal, developed the Model-T Ford and put a freaking man on the moon. As far as AAF Nation is concerned, there’s but one heroic act left to be accomplished—bringing Harambe back to life....
  The English language is beautiful, isn’t it? Filled with innumerable descriptors, if there’s a feeling you wish to express, you can quickly make it happen. That said, certain words are often seen as being too vulgar for everyday conversation—amongst them, the “c-word” is by far the most powerful. So,...
This Hillary Clinton "American Horror Story" t-shirt is made from a quality material that will look great wash after wash. That's a good thing considering that it will be in style for at least another four years. God help us all.
1.20.17 Obama's Last Day - An End to an Error
A giant lizard woman is attacking the country. But don’t be afraid. Arnold Trump-enegger says, “If she bleeds, we can kill it!”.
You heard correctly folks, Deez Nuts has proclaimed candidacy as reported all across the webs! Not only declared, but also already polling higher than many of the GOP frontrunners! That is already a success. A success only #YOU can provide. Vote Deez Nuts in 2016!
It sounded good for a short time anyways. It's a shame Donald Trump can't "Make His Teeth Bite His Tongue Again."
A shirt whose message was first spoken by the Donald himself. If you believe in it, why not say it with passion? It may be best to leave it at home on Cinco De Mayo though. I'm Trump and I approve this message.... and Mexico is going to approve this...
Monica Lewinsky (Blewclinsky), you poor poor girl. I'm afraid your legacy will live on for a very long time. Get the must have t-shirt of this election season. All of your friends are going to want one, so you may as well order up a few.
Take a good long look at the face on this shirt. It is not an artist's rendering. Outside of the red eyes and black/white exposure, it has not been photoshopped. That's Hillary Clinton, Democratic nominee for President of the United States. LOOK AT IT! Take this image with you on...
See what we did there? Eh? Ehhhhhh? But seriously. Huck Fillary.  
Just... Stop, Hillary. That's all. This page isn't long enough to list the reasons why, so we won't even try.
"Feel the Bone" people! Get the t-shirt featuring big Ken Bone. Don't be left behind. It's the look that's sweeping the nation and we have it right here....in the Bone Zone!
All you have to do is listen to his message, then gaze at that handsome mug. The t-shirt doesn't lie. Of course "She Wants the D". Just ask him, he'll tell you himself. DONALD TRUMP in 2016
Wear this shirt on a election day. If you don't think its message is true now, it certainly will be by then. Trust me, it's gonna get ugly and any possible outcome is gonna require a few stiff drinks....and keep them coming...for the next four years. AA here I come....
Vote Donald Trump in 2016. He may be a jackass, but at least he's not a Democrat. Well...maybe a little, but weigh the options.
Grab the shirt and help generate the word....."Mattis 2016"...Here’s four simple reasons why he is the write in candidate of 2016. He understands and loves America, possesses moral clarity, is a perpetual student of history and people, and he wins. Can Billary or Bigmouth make even ONE of those claims?...
Yeah it's a Big Bang Theory reference!
Be the first one on your block to show Donald Trump's newest campaign slogan. Get yourself a couple of these t-shirts and hand them out to your friends. Especially the ones living out West (Nevada, Arizona, and California in particular). I'm Donald Trump and I approve this t-shirt....and I love...
  Ruth Bader Ginsburg don't play !
"Is that a Roman Soldier over there?"..."Get him outa here".."Go on, fellas you want to show those soldiers the door please"......."and I only have this to say to you lions....YOU"RE FIRED!"
More popular than the candidates themselves. Ken Bone mania is sweeping the nation. Don't be left out in the cold. Get yourself one of these classic t-shirts and step into the "Bone Zone".
You’re tough enough to break a 2x4 over your head. You’re tough enough to fight a grizzly bear using nothing but your pinky. You’re tough enough to stand up to a rigged political system. You are Built Trump Tough.
You know Bill Clinton is itching to get back in the White House. I can hear it now…..”What's that Hil?".... "Negotiations have stalled, and you're gonna be in China for at least another two days?".... "Well, you're hands are tied babe"......"We're talking about world peace here"......"Don't worry about me".... "Maybe...
Get the shirt with a message that can be deciphered in so many ways, everyone will understand its meaning. Hillary Clinton..."Too Big To Jail", with BIG being the key word. Is it referring to her influence and political status? Is it hinting at her ability to ruin anyone who stands...
"Ban Hillary, Not Guns" Why not? Imagining her in the White House is just as (perhaps more) frightening than having a gun shoved in my face. Wear the shirt and spread the word.
Deplorables represent! This shirt will let everyone know just what Hillary Clinton considers “deplorable”. Wear it with pride, and stand with your fellow deplorables through this time in political history. 
Are you not entertained? The most bad-ass, blood-thirsty US Presidential candidate in history is giving the performance of a lifetime in the 2016 election. Donald Trump knows how to win and he's going for it. America will never be the same after Trump reigns victorious over the evils of gladiator...
NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER! That is Spartan law, and Spartan law is a big, beautiful, glorious thing. Just like Trump. And his big, beautiful wall. And his big, beautiful hands.
You know what you are. You have a few choice words for those loonies too. Let them call you what they want. You're pride for the greatest country in the world isn't something you take lightly. Proudly scream with your shirt choice: I AM AMERICAN!!
How will Bill Clinton be remembered? Well, this is how Juanita Broaddrick will remember the former president. Show solidarity for the silent victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual exploits with this Clinton Rape tee.
Attention Bozo, Bubbles, and Ronald! The rise in the clown population has the Hillary Clinton team looking to gain their support (and votes) in the upcoming election. This could be the demographic that will put her over the top, so she has taken up their cause and wants everyone to...
Show the world which side you're on. This t-shirt speaks volumes to all who read it's message. If attaining peace requires a stripping of my freedoms, then you may want to take a step back. It's about to get a bit rowdy around here. Come to think of it, you...
This shirt showcases the real Presidential frontrunner. The one they don't factor into all the polls. IDGAF is leading by a wide margin...trust us. Get the shirt and join the movement. "I Don't Give A F***" in 2016
Call me whatever you like, it doesn't change the fact that I bleed red, white, and blue. Trump understands how to gather supporters, call them Americans! As an American, I support this tshirt.
Mad Donald Trump is furious and coming for Hillary in November.  Get this shirt and trigger your favorite liberal!
This "Anyone but Hillary" t shirt is bound to be an instant classic. Is that the most disingenuous smile you've ever seen? Get used to it. She already has the movers scheduled and the change of address card filled out.
Vote Fridge 2016, because America needs to chill the f*** out. This circus is getting out of hand. Everyone take a deep breath, and let the power of the fridge refresh you.
Not saying that President Obama is the ass in Laughing My Ass Off... Oh. Wait. That's EXACTLY what this tee is saying.  
"I'm Ready For The Oligarchy". For those of us who look around and wonder how the F we got to this point. Those who feel the urge to throw up their hands and give in to the obvious. Think Stallone in the movie Rocky...and Rocky II...and Rocky III, IV, V...and...
Look real close at the fine print on the bottom of this t-shirt. It reads "I'm Donald Trump, and I approve this message"
The only thing worse than an elephant in a china shop? Donald Trump, Mike Pence and a team of close-minded millennials trying to take control of the situation. You heard it here first—they’d run rampant, shattering everything in sight. Please don’t let this happen to the finest country with the...
If your life is still about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, then good for you. Politics is so last election cycle. Let the old folks handle it, because voting is for old people.
You don't need to wear it on your chest, but why not do it anyways. Your TV is set on one station, and one station only...Fox News. You talk about Reagan and Bush like they were cherished members of your family. You endure sleepless nights wondering, what ever happened to...
You vote sometimes, if it seems important. You value life, but kinda get where those Pro-Choicers are coming from. You hate big government, but still enjoying basic human rights like safe roadways and healthcare. You're the world's okayest Republican.
The official shirt of former New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner.
Here's the shirt for all of us that just can't choose between the two candidates...or just won't choose....or just gets a bad headache when they attempt to choose....or can't stop laughing (or crying) when they so much as think about choosing. Wow, has it really come to this?
This isn't American't. Forget what the others have to say and support The Donald with this patriotic-filled shirt. You're an American, it's time to act like it.
Check out this sweet Donald Trump tank top. "It's Comboverman the Barbarian" aka "The Twoterminator" aka "The Running (for President) Man" aka "Commando (in chief)". Look, but don't touch people....especially the hair.



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