2nd Amendment

Quality Material - Made of Durable Polyester. Strengthened by Double Stitching, Canvas Header and Two Brass Grommets. Bright Color with Fade Resistant - The Color is Sharp and Vivid and The Dye Has Been Processed for UV Fade Resistant. Fly in Breeze - This Flag is Very Light-Weighted. So It...
Do you think America’s Founding Fathers were worried about people’s feelings when they wrote the Constitution? No, they were too busy polishing their muskets and fine-tuning the 2nd Amendment. Be like the Founding Fathers. Assert your Freedom with your tshirt.
What does the message on my shirt mean?..... Under the stars and stripes of America, I was born with certain unalienable rights, and I'll die with the same rights. The time in between, I'll spend defending them against any whining, crying, sniveling panty waste looking to take them away from...
For some it may be a day of rest. For others, it's the day we showoff our fantasy coaching skills. For people like us though, it will always be known as "Sunday Gunday". You know what I mean?  
"Before I ordered this shirt, I benched 225. Now, I can lift the souls of millions of oppressed peoples across the globe, bringing the almighty American might of the Bald Eagle to every foreign man, woman, and child. Makes me want to sling an M-60 across my back and liberate...
Read my shirt....Operators are standing by, waiting to set you up with a one way ticket off of The Greatest Nation on Earth. I'm so sorry that your kid had endure the hardship of listening to the Pledge of Allegiance for 20 seconds this morning. Please accept my deepest apologies.....YA...
Do you routinely list “protein” as a job qualification on your résumé? Does the thought of tomorrow’s “leg day” keep you awake at night? And lastly, do yoga pants make you wildly randy? If you answered in the affirmative to any of these, odds are high that you not only...
That’s right. I have the right to bare arms, the right to spit free speech like a beast, and the right stir up feelings like deer chili over hot coals. If this ‘merica shirt makes people uncomfortable, then their whiny little minds just don’t get it.
The Middle Finger coupled with the Red, White, and Blue.......Two symbols universally recognized around the globe. Put them together on this shirt, and they make a powerful statement. This particular one is all for you ISIS.
Due to sheer volume, I know the message on the t-shirt seems like an impossible task. "Idiots" by definition, are a very large demographic, with many sub types....morons, jackoffs, space cadets, and massive tools... just to name a few. Trust me though....effectively solving any problem, requires that you start at...
Work harder, millions on welfare depend on you!
"I was walking back from the store one day by myself, feeling a bit nervous as it had gotten late and I'm not in the safest of areas. I came across a group of young hoodlums whom asked me what I was doing. I told them, "just trying to get...
Wear the shirt that delivers a message... loud and clear. "If This Flag Offends You, Go F*** Yourself" draws a line in the sand, clearly stating which side you are on. Why not pick up two or three? They make great stocking stuffers.
Let’s run through a few questions, here. First, are you a godless human set on socializing the American state? Next, do you invent issues involving racism, feminism and equality to make yourself feel high and mighty? And lastly, did you lose sleep over the death of Harambe? If you answered...
Don't let your gun dry out. Use natural resources. This country is overflowing in liberal tears, you might as well get some use of them. I oil my gun with liberal tears, and you can too with this shirt.
Like the snake says, "Don't Jihad On Me!". Try to, and it's not going to end up well for you. It's going to ugly, and that's that.
The shirt that welcomes you to life. We're all glad you could join us. The ride may get a bit bumpy at times. You may encounter the occasional negative remark from time to time. Perhaps, one directed towards you. May I suggest that you learn how to dish it back,...
If you have any questions regarding this shirt and its meaning, I suggest you read it one more time. Frankly, the message can't be stated with any more clarity. Wearing this shirt may result in people around you breaking into the "Pledge of Allegiance" all of a sudden. Those people...
PATRIOTS: Protecting cowards, complainers, and cry babies for over 240 years.
Read the message on this t-shirt. If you're a patriot, be proud. If you're not, then be thankful.
You have to be a special kind of stupid to take offense to a flag honoring our missing and captured. 
Need assistance in an emergency? There are choices. This t-shirt lists just a few. They're always faster, and oftentimes more efficient, than dialing up 911.
“I enjoy long romantic walks to the gun store”. This shirt says it all. It lets people know you are armed, and maybe just a little turned-on by it. It repels libtards and attracts like-minded gun-loving patriots. And it makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
Show the world which side you're on. This t-shirt speaks volumes to all who read it's message. If attaining peace requires a stripping of my freedoms, then you may want to take a step back. It's about to get a bit rowdy around here. Come to think of it, you...
"Ban Hillary, Not Guns" Why not? Imagining her in the White House is just as (perhaps more) frightening than having a gun shoved in my face. Wear the shirt and spread the word.



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