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Do your muscles scream assault weapons?  PROS:* Quality-made: it fits just like it should, and although I'm not certain, I'm pretty sure that I'm now bullet-proof. * The artwork is mesmerizing. When I walk into a room, everyone's gaze is drawn to my bosom and I'm not even a chick!*I've...
We shall overcomb! Vote for Donald Trump's hair in 2016!
Imagine Mrs. Clinton in a nicely tailored striped pantsuit. Cuffs rolled up. Bandana wrapped tight around her head. "Of course I'll be here when you get out babe"..."I'll get by somehow"-- Bill
Ahhh...The good old days. Economy was great, future looked bright, and we just pointed our nukes at anyone who threatened us.
Putting Hillary Clinton back in the White House and the storylines would run constant, the controversies be abundunt, and the drama never fail to entertain. That may seem tempting for some, but downright frightening to most. We simply cannot let it happen.
Work harder, millions on welfare depend on you!
You heard correctly folks, Deez Nuts has proclaimed candidacy as reported all across the webs! Not only declared, but also already polling higher than many of the GOP frontrunners! That is already a success. A success only #YOU can provide. Vote Deez Nuts in 2016!
1.20.17 Obama's Last Day - An End to an Error
It sounded good for a short time anyways. It's a shame Donald Trump can't "Make His Teeth Bite His Tongue Again."
Abraham Lincoln was the O.G. of O.G.'s. Before "Black Lives Matter", he dropped, "The Emancipation Proclamation". Get yourself the shirt featuring Abe....A man way ahead of his time.
Assert your 2nd amendment rights in the classiest way possible, a sleeveless t-shirt. Despite his many un-American efforts, these are two guns Obama can never take away from you. Bare those arms!
You know Bill Clinton is itching to get back in the White House. I can hear it now…..”What's that Hil?".... "Negotiations have stalled, and you're gonna be in China for at least another two days?".... "Well, you're hands are tied babe"......"We're talking about world peace here"......"Don't worry about me".... "Maybe...
Just... Stop, Hillary. That's all. This page isn't long enough to list the reasons why, so we won't even try.
While everyone is fighting over Trump vs. Hillary, America is forgetting one important thing. Regardless of November's election outcome, Obama will be having his last day in office come 2017. On 1/20/2017, we can celebrate saying goodbye to a huge error in judgement from the American people. Bye bye, Obama!!...
Have the sneaking suspicion that Hillary Clinton is lying? Or do you know someone else named Hillary whose voice you cannot stand? Voil!
She's right. Eating bread every day is appealing. Nobody can argue that (so don't even think about trying). Some of those books she recommended were pretty damn good too. But when the most powerful woman in the world endorsed Obama in 2008 and won the election for him... TOO FAR....
C'mon now ladies. Stop keeping it a secret. It's always on your mind, so just admit it. Running your fingers through his hair. It's every woman's fantasy. Just ask Donald Trump, he'll tell you.
It’s been 19 years since Monica Lewinsky last had a roll in the hay with President Clinton. As such, the pity party is over for Hillary—she’s now accountable for being a complete and total douche of a woman. “Hillary for President” women need to give it a rest, embracing the...
Once you get a taste of Deez Nuts, you'll understand there is no more qualified candidate for President of the United States. Once Hillary gets a look at Deez Nuts, she'll be too impressed to continue in the debates. Deez Nuts aren't going to let Trump push them around. Vote...
On the nose? Perhaps. NSFW? Most likely. For savage AF non-supporters of Hillary Clinton? Absolutely.  
When you're sitting there, trying to binge watch a little Broad City, and every 5 minutes Oprah takes over the screen, endlessly proclaiming her love for bread. Guess what, Oprah? WE ALL DO. Big deal. Get back to the show. This is the tee for those moments.
Abe was ahead of his time...and yours!  
The secret to success in America is to work hard. Bust your rump so you can support not only your family, but the millions of other families who didn't get the hard work memo. I mean sure, sitting at home and popping out babies is work right? They deserve a...
The history books may not give George Washington props for it, but the first prez was swole AF. Factor in that whole cherry tree incident, and this founding father was the OG of the Woodsman Workout too.
Not saying that President Obama is the ass in Laughing My Ass Off... Oh. Wait. That's EXACTLY what this tee is saying.  
See what we did there? Eh? Ehhhhhh? But seriously. Huck Fillary.  
Looking for someone with a great sense of humor? President Obama is the guy for you! This two term POTUS puts the A in LMAO!  
George Washington: Tall, light, and shredded. 6 foot 3 and 200 pounds of muscle, this size 13 shoe-wearing dreamboat had large hands and long arms, but according to historians, he was, quote "strikingly graceful and widely known for being one of the best dancers in America". SWOON.
Teddy Roosevelt? More like, Teddy Swolesevelt! Before Tom Selleck came on the scene, this buff teddy bear was rocking the most celebrated 'stache in the land and flexing on business trusts. Getting nasty on a regimen of gymnastics and weight-lifting, this Rough Rider's physique was rugged AF. Here's to the...
Add a dash of Magnum PI and a sprinkling of Vin Diesel to the whole Clark Kent thing and you've got Teddy Roosevelt AKA Teddy Swolesevelt. A true renaissance man, this statesman / author / explorer / soldier / naturalist / 26th POTUS / hardbody / Mount Rushmore feature deserves a...
  Ladies, get one of these Hillary Clinton Benghazi t-shirts. Screw the energy drinks! Put this shirt on and anytime during the day, when you're feeling a bit tired, simply look down. Hillary's smug face along with the reminder of Benghazi, is enough to fire anyone up for a good...
Yeah it's a Big Bang Theory reference!
Wear this if you are not a hipster. But only if it's true. Don't be that obvious hipster who is always claiming not to be a hipster.
If you Che Guevara is your hero, and you work at Starbucks, and you eat kale, and you drink PBR ironically, then this shirt is definitely not for you.
The only thing more glorious than Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump's hair is this tank top. Your personal guns will send the "You're Fired" message loud and clear in this sleeveless number. One look at all the proud Americans in our fan photos will prove this is the most Patriotic...
Get the shirt featuring Top Gun Donald Trump. He flies without a helmet or oxygen mask. Why no helmet? The hair of course. Why no mask? He wouldn't be able to talk to his hordes of fans!
Get your sexy Rocky Balboa shirts people! This shit is too hot to hold onto for long. Rocky’s going to give Hillary the old 1-2, and then we’ll definitely be sold out of these bad boys. Show off your guns and show off the Trump glory - all with one...
This is what it looks like when The Donald has a wet dream. If you also dream of hunting the Clinton Predator like a badass Trump-enegger, then this shirt might be for you. Because “If she bleeds, we can kill it!”.
A giant lizard woman is attacking the country. But don’t be afraid. Arnold Trump-enegger says, “If she bleeds, we can kill it!”.
LOL...The image on this tank top leaves me speechless. Put this bad boy on and go take a stroll through the mall. The looks you get will be priceless. It's meaning? Beats me. All I know is that it's funnier than sh**. I'm Donald Trump and I'm not too sure,...
When you're America's most powerful business man, a typical mechanical private jet just won't do. Trump has used his negotiation skills and charming personality to tame the wild bald eagle for his personal transportation. Enjoy the breeze from the eagle's flapping wings on your biceps and underarms in this patriotic...
Get the shirt with a message that can be deciphered in so many ways, everyone will understand its meaning. Hillary Clinton..."Too Big To Jail", with BIG being the key word. Is it referring to her influence and political status? Is it hinting at her ability to ruin anyone who stands...
Get the shirt with a message that can be deciphered in so many ways, everyone will understand it's meaning. Hillary Clinton..."Too Big To Jail", with BIG being the key word. Is it referring to her influence and political status? Is it hinting at her ability to ruin anyone who stands...
You’re tough enough to break a 2x4 over your head. You’re tough enough to fight a grizzly bear using nothing but your pinky. You’re tough enough to stand up to a rigged political system. You are Built Trump Tough.
Are you the kind of American with the stars and stripes painted across the back of your extended cab pickup? Maybe you have Old Glory tattooed on your lower back? Are you constantly finding yourself breaking into jubilant renditions of "You're a Grand Old Flag?" Then you're built Trump tough....
Look real close at the fine print on the bottom of this t-shirt. It reads "I'm Donald Trump, and I approve this message"
Says she's a feminist, silences rapists. Says she supports small business, wants to impose legislation that would cost them millions based on the wage gap myth. Meet Scumbag Hillary.
This "Anyone but Hillary" t shirt is bound to be an instant classic. Is that the most disingenuous smile you've ever seen? Get used to it. She already has the movers scheduled and the change of address card filled out.
"Ban Hillary, Not Guns" Why not? Imagining her in the White House is just as (perhaps more) frightening than having a gun shoved in my face. Wear the shirt and spread the word.
America, let's have a chat. Maybe we can't agree on who should be president in 2016. I have a dream though. That we can all rally together and agree that it's can't be Hillary. Anyone but Hillary.
How can you sleep at night knowing the dark, creeping crisis is closing in on America? Leave the guns to each household for protection and ban the real danger to US safety -- Hillary.
Monica Lewinsky (Blewclinsky), you poor poor girl. I'm afraid your legacy will live on for a very long time. Get the must have t-shirt of this election season. All of your friends are going to want one, so you may as well order up a few.
We can't all be like America's unsung hero Monica. Hillary sucks, but she'll never be a Monica. Just ask Bill.
This shirt showcases the real Presidential frontrunner. The one they don't factor into all the polls. IDGAF is leading by a wide margin...trust us. Get the shirt and join the movement. "I Don't Give A F***" in 2016
That's it. I give up. Is it December yet? I don't give a f*** who is president in 2016. Join me in apathy for this American presidential election. Chose laziness for America.
Wear this shirt on a election day. If you don't think its message is true now, it certainly will be by then. Trust me, it's gonna get ugly and any possible outcome is gonna require a few stiff drinks....and keep them coming...for the next four years. AA here I come....
When you dig down deep into your American heart, who is the one person who has never let you down? The one you can count on to solve your problems and fix the deficit of your personal economy? Whiskey. Whiskey is there for you, to catch your tears. Whiskey is...
"Is that a Roman Soldier over there?"..."Get him outa here".."Go on, fellas you want to show those soldiers the door please"......."and I only have this to say to you lions....YOU"RE FIRED!"
Are you not entertained? The most bad-ass, blood-thirsty US Presidential candidate in history is giving the performance of a lifetime in the 2016 election. Donald Trump knows how to win and he's going for it. America will never be the same after Trump reigns victorious over the evils of gladiator...
Quality Material - Made of Durable Polyester. Strengthened by Double Stitching, Canvas Header and Two Brass Grommets. Bright Color with Fade Resistant - The Color is Sharp and Vivid and The Dye Has Been Processed for UV Fade Resistant. Fly in Breeze - This Flag is Very Light-Weighted. So It...
Mad Donald Trump is furious and coming for Hillary in November.  Get this shirt and trigger your favorite liberal!
NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER! That is Spartan law, and Spartan law is a big, beautiful, glorious thing. Just like Trump. And his big, beautiful wall. And his big, beautiful hands.
It's Trump in his prime.  1990's style, baby!
The Donald has won the White House and is moving in. How regal does he look sitting at that desk? All he needs now is a fan to blow his glorious locks and the image would be complete. Celebrate the Trump victory with this tank!
He’s our president now, and all the haters can eat his D. The next four years will be an amazing time to be alive in America and trolling on Twitter.
Poor Hillary. Look at the image of Hillary Clinton on this t-shirt. There's gotta be an empty post somewhere for her. Maybe she can adopt a child and run for PTA President.
Trump has conquered the Presidency. Next, the Galaxy! It's going to be huge. I guarantee it.  
The official shirt for God Emperor Trump, the first and best pro-Trump meme page. Your liberal friends and acquaintances will be literally shaking when they see you sporting this shirt and supporting the God Emperor at school, work, or at the gym!



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