Jared is the current 2015 National champion and American record holder. He is currently the 2nd ranked weightlifter in all of America!! Jared will be competing in April at the Olympic Trials to earn a spot on Team USA going to Rio next year.

Jared Fleming - American Muscle

Donald Trump is large. It's hard to see the physique when he's standing behind a podium. The Donald has muscles that the average human does not. It's all in his book "The Art Of The Deal". His hair can bench press 265 lbs......dead lifts 425 lbs. Not too shabby. Get...
This shirt is for the silent majority--those patriotic Americans that don't constantly brag about climbing mountains nor running marathons. Because waving the flag is the only cardio you need!
"Since buying this shirt: I have been invited to sing national anthems at baseball games. People have stopped treading on me. Women address me as Mr. Theodore Abraham Washington, the LXIX before throwing themselves at my feet (which generally hover above the ground). I can drink 16 oz of Budweiser...
No matter your feelings about the 2016 election, we all could use a little more love in our life. Bring back that loving feeling and start campaigning for Maverick and Goose in 2020.
"You know how in the movies when someone unsheathes a sword you hear the "shwing" sound it makes? Putting this tank top on, you hear the battle cry of a bald eagle taking down a tea-drinking tyrant. Merica."
If you were alive during the 80's you know what this is all about!
"Due to the pure testosterone this shirt gives off coupled with my beard I cannot wear this shirt in public or women will fight to the death for the chance to mate with me. So I just wear it around the house when im falling trees or bulldozing something as...
I wasn't quite sure what this "It's Merican Not Merican't" shirt was trying to say, until I put it on. I've been wearing it for eleven straight days now. I visited The Washington Monument, The Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore, The Lincoln Memorial, The White House, The Baseball Hall of Fame,...
Mama always told you God made you extra special. Where just a dash of patriotism should have gone, you have a whole heap. It's a happy mistake from above!
If your bae makes stars fall from the sky, unicorns dance in the wind, and warm fuzzies fill you with the lovey-dovies, then this shirt is for you.
Why commit wholeheartedly to the life of a fitness fanatic when you can hit the gym like a champ during the week, but also eat (and drink) like an overweight king on the weekends? If you’re a “best-of-both worlds” kind of person, odds are high that you’re not only a...



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