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The most important person to land on a New Jersey beach since Chris Christie. Making America great again one paddle at a time. Also check out > Trump Crossing Delaware Blanket Also check out > Trump Crossing Delaware Flag Also check out > Trump Crossing Delaware Poster
Bask in the beautiful glory that is the Three Trump Moon. We thought it would take just one Trump to pull the country from the cold snowflake darkness, but it might take three.
Grab yourself the tank top depicting Donald Trump 1980s style. Sweet pink ballcap. Try taking a selfie with that 5 lb flip cell phone.
No more speeches to foreign leaders for President Trump. Simply post the photo depicted on this tank top, then answer any questions....if anyone has the stones to ask.
"I have to admit, after reading the reviews, I was a bit skeptical. How could a shirt, a simple piece of cloth, transform so many lives? Well brothers and sisters, I'm here to tell you I'm now a believer. Upon wearing this shirt, the results were unmistakable. My children suddenly...
President Donald Trump wants to go down in history as the peace and love president. This tank top is a sneak preview of one set to be part of the Trump re-election campaign in 2020.
It's Trump in his prime.  1990's style, baby!
Donald Trump enjoying some of the perks of running the greatest country on earth. The image on this tank top shows the President firing off a few "warning shots".
Offer the world a sneak peek into the Oval Office during a Trump presidency with this all over printed shirt. "Say hello to my little deplorables" in sleeves or no sleeves.
This tank top features President Donald Trump surveying Mt. Rushmore a late addition. Not sure there's enough room for his head though. Can you say Executive Order?
The official shirt for God Emperor Trump, the first and best pro-Trump meme page. Your liberal friends and acquaintances will be literally shaking when they see you sporting this shirt and supporting the God Emperor at school, work, or at the gym!
Trump has conquered the Presidency. Next, the Galaxy! It's going to be huge. I guarantee it.  
The Donald has won the White House and is moving in. How regal does he look sitting at that desk? All he needs now is a fan to blow his glorious locks and the image would be complete. Celebrate the Trump victory with this tank!
"T-Rex, Trump, and the T-birds!? Nothing more patriotic than this shirt! When I put it in I feel like a screaming bald Eagle, ready to pluck the designer dogs out of the hands of the Hollywood liberals purses and man bags and drop them from a thousand feet into the...
When you're America's most powerful business man, a typical mechanical private jet just won't do. Trump has used his negotiation skills and charming personality to tame the wild bald eagle for his personal transportation. Enjoy the breeze from the eagle's flapping wings on your biceps and underarms in this patriotic...
Get the shirt featuring Donald Trump. He flies without a helmet or oxygen mask. Why no helmet? The hair of course. Why no mask? He wouldn't be able to talk to his hordes of fans!
This is what it looks like when The Donald has a wet dream. If you also dream of hunting the Clinton Predator like a badass Trump-enegger, then this shirt might be for you. Because “If she bleeds, we can kill it!”.
LOL...The image on this tank top leaves me speechless. Put this bad boy on and go take a stroll through the mall. The looks you get will be priceless. It's meaning? Beats me. All I know is that it's funnier than sh**. I'm Donald Trump and I'm not too sure,...
Get your sexy Rocky Balboa shirts people! This shit is too hot to hold onto for long. Rocky’s going to give Hillary the old 1-2, and then we’ll definitely be sold out of these bad boys. Show off your guns and show off the Trump glory - all with one...
One woman’s condescending insult is another woman’s secret weapon. Because when you’re a lady in the streets and a deplorable in the sheets, you have the power to bend any man’s will to your own. 
Is this message true ladies? Get the t-shirt and see what everyone says. Trump agrees with it.
Never forget, the H is silent in Benghazi. Now if only Hillary would shut the f*** up now, and let us clean up her mess.
Assert your 2nd amendment rights in the classiest way possible, a sleeveless t-shirt. Despite his many un-American efforts, these are two guns Obama can never take away from you. Bare those arms!
C'mon now ladies. Stop keeping it a secret. It's always on your mind, so just admit it. Running your fingers through his hair. It's every woman's fantasy. Just ask Donald Trump, he'll tell you.
Calling all women who remember the Reagan/Bush years. Help preserve the legacy of this Presidential duo. Reach out to the younger generations. Pass down the history of this time period and encourage them, that we can get back there once again. Remember, most woman under 35 hold memories of three...
A giant lizard woman is attacking the country. But don’t be afraid. Arnold Trump-enegger says, “If she bleeds, we can kill it!”.
"Is that a Roman Soldier over there?"..."Get him outa here".."Go on, fellas you want to show those soldiers the door please"......."and I only have this to say to you lions....YOU"RE FIRED!"
Are you not entertained? The most bad-ass, blood-thirsty US Presidential candidate in history is giving the performance of a lifetime in the 2016 election. Donald Trump knows how to win and he's going for it. America will never be the same after Trump reigns victorious over the evils of gladiator...
NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER! That is Spartan law, and Spartan law is a big, beautiful, glorious thing. Just like Trump. And his big, beautiful wall. And his big, beautiful hands.
Mad Donald Trump is furious and coming for Hillary in November.  Get this shirt and trigger your favorite liberal!
Check out this sweet Donald Trump tank top. "It's Comboverman the Barbarian" aka "The Twoterminator" aka "The Running (for President) Man" aka "Commando (in chief)". Look, but don't touch people....especially the hair.
I used to be skinny and wimpy like a donkey's tail. I used to be as weak as liberals are on national security. Then one glorious day, I slipped on this shirt. Suddenly, all the squat racks emptied when I walked into the gym. No one wants to be embarrassed...
When you're standing in that ballot box come November, don't be a pussy and check the box next to wimpy animals like the donkey and elephant. And don't even get me started on what assholes elephants can be. Check the third box and tell America, "I stand with Rex."
While everyone is fighting over Trump vs. Hillary, America is forgetting one important thing. Regardless of November's election outcome, Obama will be having his last day in office come 2017. On 1/20/2017, we can celebrate saying goodbye to a huge error in judgement from the American people. Bye bye, Obama!!...
Attention all females eligible to vote in this upcoming election. The Donald needs you back. I know he's said one or two (or 750) things that may have been a bit off putting, so we'll start slowly. Get yourself one of these "Make America Great Again" t-shirts. Let it mark...
You don't have to be part of the 22% of women who favor Donald Trump. Oops... that number has just slipped to 18%. Anyways, you can still share in his vision and help spread the word by wearing this shirt. This just in...Polls show favorability rating is now at 16%....
We can't all be like America's unsung hero Monica. Hillary sucks, but she'll never be a Monica. Just ask Bill.
On the nose? Perhaps. NSFW? Most likely. For savage AF non-supporters of Hillary Clinton? Absolutely.  
Have the sneaking suspicion that Hillary Clinton is lying? Or do you know someone else named Hillary whose voice you cannot stand? Voil!
"Feel the Bone" people! Get the t-shirt featuring big Ken Bone. Don't be left behind. It's the look that's sweeping the nation and we have it right here....in the Bone Zone!
When you dig down deep into your American heart, who is the one person who has never let you down? The one you can count on to solve your problems and fix the deficit of your personal economy? Whiskey. Whiskey is there for you, to catch your tears. Whiskey is...
Living in a Democratic majority in like being the last person in a parade. You're always stepping in the donkey shit. This is why we can't have nice things.
  Ladies, get one of these Hillary Clinton Benghazi t-shirts. Screw the energy drinks! Put this shirt on and anytime during the day, when you're feeling a bit tired, simply look down. Hillary's smug face along with the reminder of Benghazi, is enough to fire anyone up for a good...
Why be wrong when you can be right? If you're roots run deep in the GOP, it's probably because you were born and raised with red blood running through your veins. You were raised right.
That's right, I wear my crown like this on purpose. You want to come over here and straighten it out? Take a good hard look at me first. If you still wanna do it, then go for it.......That's what I thought. They don't call me the Notorious RBG for nothing....
More popular than the candidates themselves. Ken Bone mania is sweeping the nation. Don't be left out in the cold. Get yourself one of these classic t-shirts and step into the "Bone Zone".
Are you the kind of American with the stars and stripes painted across the back of your extended cab pickup? Maybe you have Old Glory tattooed on your lower back? Are you constantly finding yourself breaking into jubilant renditions of "You're a Grand Old Flag?" Then you're built Trump tough....
Let's support Bill for first dude this election time!
Get the shirt with a message that can be deciphered in so many ways, everyone will understand it's meaning. Hillary Clinton..."Too Big To Jail", with BIG being the key word. Is it referring to her influence and political status? Is it hinting at her ability to ruin anyone who stands...
How can you sleep at night knowing the dark, creeping crisis is closing in on America? Leave the guns to each household for protection and ban the real danger to US safety -- Hillary.
Deplorables represent! This shirt will let everyone know just what Hillary Clinton considers “deplorable”. Wear it with pride, and stand with your fellow deplorables through this time in political history. 
You know what you are. You have a few choice words for those loonies too. Let them call you what they want. You're pride for the greatest country in the world isn't something you take lightly. Proudly scream with your shirt choice: I AM AMERICAN!!
Just cause the media seems to want to ignore it doesn't mean you have to. Proudly display this false American for what he is, a rapist. Bill will be upset, but we hear Hillary's great at getting rapist off the hood for their crimes.
Attention Bozo, Bubbles, and Ronald! The rise in the clown population has the Hillary Clinton team looking to gain their support (and votes) in the upcoming election. This could be the demographic that will put her over the top, so she has taken up their cause and wants everyone to...
You’re not a sheep, so don’t wear sheep’s clothing. Wear a shirt that says you don’t give a damn about danger as long as it means you’re living free. Because dangerous freedom trumps peaceful slavery every time.
Call me whatever you like, it doesn't change the fact that I bleed red, white, and blue. Trump understands how to gather supporters, call them Americans! As an American, I support this tshirt.
The only thing that takes a bigger crap than an elephant is the Republican party on US policies. Grab a shovel because we're going to have to dig our way to freedom. This is why we can't have nice things.
You believe in America. You believe in Freedom. You love your country. You're Republican AF and you don't care who knows it. If anyone challenges your patriotism, just point to your shirt with your 2nd amendment hand gun. They'll get the message.
"Worlds Okayest Republican"....The shirt that's part of the welcome package handed out to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's campaign volunteers, during his annual presidential primary runs.
Sometimes you vote, when you can be bothered. You hate war, but understand the need for a strong military presence. You love universal healthcare, but are getting more and more annoyed with the taxes coming out of your paycheck. Blue isn't really your color. You're the world's okayest Democrat.
This isn't American't. Forget what the others have to say and support The Donald with this patriotic-filled shirt. You're an American, it's time to act like it.
Looking for someone with a great sense of humor? President Obama is the guy for you! This two term POTUS puts the A in LMAO!  
Finally, a party we all want to be a part of. The party that has kept you company on lonely Saturday nights. The only party your friends will join you in the rallys. Pizza party for America!
When you step into the booth in November, do what feels right. If you can't find the box marked "other," ask the blue-haired volunteer where you can cast a vote for "None of the above." America needs your vote.
Unless you can still remember black and white TV or a world before the Internet existed, why are you bothering to vote? Clearly, it's only important to vote if you really want you last five years on Earth to be slightly better than the previous five.
Says she's a feminist, silences rapists. Says she supports small business, wants to impose legislation that would cost them millions based on the wage gap myth. Meet Scumbag Hillary.
Can’t decide between the corrupt career-politician and the creepy baby-fingered con-man? To us, it’s a clear choice: there is none. All hail the oncoming oligarchy!



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