Untied Status Marin Crops

FREE SHIPPING! "These shorts are the best thing to happen to me since the creation of democracy. Nothing screams freedom like your bits and pieces being gently cradled by these justice inducing booty shorts while your downstairs mix-up is thrust into the face of every angry protester and nut job...
"I hung the flag up outside my house to, not so subtly, let my neighbors know that yes, I might be "mildly" retarded and that yes, sometimes I also "wish a motherfucker would..." It now serves as a beacon of hope to all those who love to eat crayons and...
 Quality Material - Made of Durable Polyester. Strengthened by Double Stitching, Canvas Header and Two Brass Grommets. Bright Color with Fade Resistant - The Color is Sharp and Vivid and The Dye Has Been Processed for UV Fade Resistant. Fly in Breeze - This Flag is Very Light-Weighted. So It...
Every service member retired and active should own this print. No excuses.  This needs to be in every company office, barracks room, team room, S-Shop and armory. Saint Mattis will always watch over you and grant you the strength to bring the pain. He sees you when you're sleeping, he...
11oz White Ceramic Coffee Mug 3.75' diameter Double-sided print
Take a shot for Harambe...he took one for you.  Get this shot glass and celebrate the memory of our sweet Prince.   Legends never die, they become memes. Three Options:1 Shot Glass - for the solo ape2 Shot Glasses - remember our fallen with your closest pal4 Shot Glasses - for...
Bowling is hell, are you born to roll? Walter Sobchak is and apparently he's the only one that cares about the rules around here. 
No longer do people of the world worry about Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers -- General Mattis keeps them up at night. "I keep other people awake at night," is the most BA quote to ever happen. Own it on a shirt.
Your childhood friend is all grown up and ready for business. Winnie the Pew is ready to strike as needed as a U.S. Marine. Pew Pew! Also check out > USMC - Winnie the Pew (Army)
Protecting Hundred Acre Wood and 'Merica, Winnie the Pew is a perfect soldier in the U.S. Army. Don't mistake his cute for weak, he's fueled of honey and freedom. Also check out > USMC - Winnie the Pew (Marine)
Sounds like Hundred Acre Wood could use some freedom. Bounce on some commies with childhood's best friend and terrorist's worst enemy.  Also check out > USMC - Tigger / Trigger (Army)
Sounds like Hundred Acre Wood could use some freedom. Bounce on some commies with childhood's best friend and terrorist's worst enemy. Also check out > USMC - Tigger / Trigger (Marine)
This item has General Mattis' on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that's when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the...
The perfect shirt for any decorated Meme War Veteran. You earned those stripes. Be proud of your Google skills and sharp wit.
We’re not saying some lives matter more than others, but if we’re going to say black lives matter, then we’re sure as hell going to show some love for our lance corporals. Get your LCPL Lives Matter shirt and make a statement that is American as F***. Image is on...
If you know what's good for you, you'll obey the message on this t shirt. Gen. Mattis doesn't have time for verbal negotiations. You've been warned.
staph sarjoont pls am alergik 2 wurkng partees
dnt tred n me pls. Graphic on back.  
"After putting this shirt on, I immediately grew a six pack and a full bottle of Jack appeared in my left hand and Bowie knife in my right hand. Every attractive female and several male navy personnel in a 150 mile radius,of age and with consent, immediately lost their virginity,...
You might not be the eminently qualified Marine and you might not get that 5.0/5.0 but by God you are Okay!  
You are special. Well, you’re okay. In fact, you are the “World’s Okayest Lance Corporal”. So that’s something. Go ahead and brag about it with this AAF t-shirt.
I miss the good old days. When real men like Chesty Puller were our idols. Not whiny liberal, melting snowflake celebrities. It was a better time. Remember the good old days -- when everyone wasn't such a pussy -- with this printed t-shirt.
Make certain nobody ever forgets the sweet face of Harambe, one of America's true heroes. Serve up guilt -- just like mom used to make -- to that the person staring at your chest that they ever spend a moment thinking about anything other than this true patriot of an...
 Clear out an enemy cave..... and blow Pokemon to bits? At the same time? Sign me up!
Our current Secretary of Agriculture is more like a Secretary of Nag-riculture. Stop the nagging and let the blood rain down, because General “Mad Dog” Mattis is coming! Because Blood makes the grass grow.
What’s more American than General “Mad Dog” Mattis standing before the stars and stripes? That image on a muscle shirt, preferably worn with cut-off jeans at your next shotgun wedding.
What? I just killed 5 jihadis with a jiu jitsu bitch-slap, bombed the rest, and left their village in freedom flames! Are you not entertained?!
Own a true masterpiece of American History. Behold:   Chesty Puller kicking the absolute shit out of Yeti monsters on Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War! 18x24" 100lb, HIGH QUALITY PRINT
Wear this sweet tank, and feel the power of Chesty. When you walk out the door, bald eagles will soar down before your eyes. When you hit the gym, you’ll throw down an epic f**ing chest day, leaving the peons to revel in your glory. And when you hit the...
You’re stuck in a frozen apocalyptic wasteland, surrounded by 20-ft gorillas, and an American flag at your back. What do you do? The answer is simple: What Would Chesty Do? WWCD, because ‘Merica! Also check out > Chesty Frozen  Zoom Tank/Tee Also check out > Chesty Frozen  Zoom2 Tank/Tee Also check out > Chesty Frozen Chosin' Blanket...
When you’re in the middle of a frozen wasteland, staring death in the face, give it a little smirk. Just like Chesty. Because there’s no evil in the world that can’t be exterminated with a little American grit and a lot of firepower. Also check out > Chesty Frozen Tank/Tee Also check out...
‘Merica! F*** yeah! Chesty Puller is here to save the day. He’s loaded up and ready to kill with the spirit of the Stars and Stripes behind him. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re in enemy territory and surrounded 29-to-1… that only simplifies the problem. Also check out > Chesty Frozen Tank/Tee Also...
You are the “World’s Okayest Lance Corporal” and you want everyone to know it. Throw an okay party with okay beer and show off your okay ass. Because you’ve earned it!
This guy shows up everywhere. He's superhuman. Actually, he's General James Mattis, pictured here boarding his craft. This is only one of the many General Mattis shirts we offer. Get them all! Collect and trade them with your friends!
Mattis is a bad mother f***er, but Mattis the Barbarian takes it to a whole new level - a level where you can wear fur panties and still be the manly, ass-kicking, total badass barbarian that makes Chuck Norris look like a sweet old lady.
If you f* with me, I’ll kill you all!!! This is General “Mad Dog” Mattis, m*ther f**ers, the man who once killed 20 jihadists with a single grenade… before it exploded. Forget about the crooked old lady and the spray-tanned man-baby. When it comes time to dine in hell, we’ll...
Crush your enemies. “If you f* with me, I’ll kill you all!!!” This is General “Mad Dog” Mattis, mother f**ers, the man who once killed 20 jihadists with a single grenade… before it exploded.  When it comes time to dine in hell, we’ll be with Mattis!



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