Officer Daniels - We Go First

This is for the strong, silent, every day heroes of America. The first responders -- fire fighters, police, EMTs -- that keep our streets safe. The ones that go first so we don't have to.
A blue stripe and maple leaf for the brave men and women who protect Canada -- the Canadian Police. Take that blue stripe on your rear window one step further and wear it across your chest.
We Go First stands with Dallas Police and all law enforcement officers. We designed a shirt to help raise funds that will both go directly to fallen officer families in Dallas as well as to the Humanize The Badge Fund that will help provide ongoing confidential support for first responders...
• We Go First stands with our Baton Rouge Police family who has suffered a terrible loss.  • 100% of the profits of this fundraiser will go to those families who lost their Hero this week.  • We Go First and we stand as one.
I bought Shake. My brother bought Bake. As soon as we received our shirts, we opened the box and a bald eagle with a mullet flew out at top speed. We took this as a good omen. As we tried on our new Shake & Bake shirts, we felt the...
I bought Shake for myself, and Bake for my grandson. That little pecker never looked happier in his whole life. When he saw me wearing Shake, and went to change into & Bake, he had been wearing some stupid shirt with a lesbian named Justin Bieber on it. That move...
Attention, any Country who successfully lands people on the Moon. First off, we'd like to welcome you. You're about 50 years too late, but that's beside the point. Take a look around, snap some photos, then get back into your craft and move along. I hear the weather in Mars...
All lives have equal value. Unless you're a stinkin' commie or terrorist. But you get the point. Merica.
The Blue Line is the one drawn drawn in the sand. If you cross it, be prepared to stand in support. Spread the message.
Think you can pull on over on me? I'll run NCIC on your @ass. Then we'll see.
Representing the 10-F. Over and out, I'm straight outta dispatch. Straight outta the force.
That thin blue line has taken on a whole new meaning in recent times. Support a pillar of our country -- police officers -- with this thin blue line flag shirt.
"Since buying this shirt: I have been invited to sing national anthems at baseball games. People have stopped treading on me. Women address me as Mr. Theodore Abraham Washington, the LXIX before throwing themselves at my feet (which generally hover above the ground). I can drink 16 oz of Budweiser...
Donald Trump is large. It's hard to see the physique when he's standing behind a podium. The Donald has muscles that the average human does not. It's all in his book "The Art Of The Deal". His hair can bench press 265 lbs......dead lifts 425 lbs. Not too shabby. Get...
The history books may not give George Washington props for it, but the first prez was swole AF. Factor in that whole cherry tree incident, and this founding father was the OG of the Woodsman Workout too.
Teddy Roosevelt? More like, Teddy Swolesevelt! Before Tom Selleck came on the scene, this buff teddy bear was rocking the most celebrated 'stache in the land and flexing on business trusts. Getting nasty on a regimen of gymnastics and weight-lifting, this Rough Rider's physique was rugged AF. Here's to the...
Imagine hundreds of cops going through donut withdrawls. "Is that a bear claw I smell on your breath son? Step outta the car, I need to do a search."
Speaks quietly into a glass display "I'm here for you, my sweet treats. I'm here to save you from this glass case of emotion. Here to allow you to fulfil your destiny as my breakfast. I'm the donut whisperer you've been hearing about."
He'll let you off with a warning this time, but be sure to fix those brake lights ok? Watch the speed too. The World's Okayest Officer has his radar on.
Celebrate the ones who protect you, the ones who get there first. For the first responders, the police, the firefighters, the EMTs -- this shirt is for you!
A shirt with a cop's daily to-do list: 1.Eat, 2. Sleep, 3. Arrest Bad Guys. All in a day's work.
Comic books are cool and all, but we have real life super heroes roaming the streets of America every day. Captain Cop is paroling the cities of the U.S.of A. -- protecting its citizens.
This shirt used to have sleeves, but then I flexed. You better call the cops, because I'm killing this workout.
Carbs are bad for you? I donut care. I donut care so much, I'll rock a donut on my shirt.
When you see those flashing lights behind you, you know that those uniformed officers are protecting the streets of your country. Show your support with this Po-Po shirt.
Let the officer in your life know exactly what you think of them. It might not be fair to other officers, but the best police officer ever deserves this shirt.
Some nights the biggest enemy is the slow moving clock. Night warrios unite. Staying alive until 7:05.
Every cop duo needs a bad cop. You're the one who gets sh*t done. The one unafraid to law down the law. Let your partner play good cop (and wear the good cop shirt), but we all know who is the real hero.
A shirt to remove all doubt about which cop you are. Good cop is ready to make friends and protect your city streets. Buy the bad cop shirt for your partner.
There's a thin line between peace and anarchy -- and it's blue. Suport the men in blue, our police officers, with the truth printed on this shirt.
I tried, but "freaking awesome" wouldn't fit on my badge or name tag. Police officer will have to do for now.
I mean cookies and charities are great and all, but let's fund something we all use -- the police! Fund the police! By being a decent American.
I've never been held hostages, but I've been forced to work a double shift -- which is kind of the same thing. It certainly feels like it in those last few hours of the shift. All in a day's work for an American hero, right?
No other explanation needed. Why should you listen to me? Because I'm an officer, that's why!
I am up-to-date and legit in my intelligence. I'm straight outta briefing with all the proper information to do my job. Recognize.
I will not apologize for wearing this uniform. It's a symbol of strength, safety, and patriotism. Don't like it? Update your passport and leave.
I want no sound, no ditractions when I'm off duty from being a cop. That is unless it's a donut -- then disturb away.
A clear message. It's simply not cool. Got it? Good.
Sheriff....the G.I. Joe of our city streets. You better believe it. Get the shirt and support your local department.
  The celebrity cop bridging the ever widening gap between the public and law enforcement community. Get the t-shirt, calm the f down, and watch some Officer Daniels. In that order.
Hate cops? Next time you're in trouble, call a crackhead. Let's us know how that goes, will ya?
Why not watch a little Officer Daniels on that first date. "Watch Officer Daniels and Chill" available on t-shirt, tank, or hoodie. May as well get one of each.
My heart belongs to a police officer. The message that tells the world who you're devoted to....and you're proud to say so.
A tshirt for everyday. A tshirt for the blue and the brave. Police officers are the real American heroes.
Is it the uniform or the handcuffs? I don't know, but I do know I love my hot cop.
The beautiful thing about dogs is that they don't give a sh*t about your sh*t. K9 unit is here to warn you, "Talk sh*t, get bit." Words to live by.
The most American thing you can do is to practice your rights. You have the right to remain silent -- so please shut up! You are so patriotic.
Being Facebook friends with Office Daniels is a get out of jail free card right? Just call him up, he knows me. I swear.
Be a patriot with comfort and style! Our American Flag Jumpsuit is definitely one of the customer favorites and gets a lot of attention. Grab yours right now!
50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Soft, smooth fabric - because your All-American thighs deserve it Machine washable, with 3" waistband "The first time I put these pants on, I went outside and caught a bald eagle with my bare hands and tamed it. I had to train him to peck the...
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