Men's Classic Prints

This shirt is for the silent majority--those patriotic Americans that don't constantly brag about climbing mountains nor running marathons. Because waving the flag is the only cardio you need!
You long to see, touch and caress them. You want to hear them purr. Tell her in this "Show me Your Kitties" t-shirt. Then tell her you'd like to see her cat too. The last four sentences were meant for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for injuries (emotional...
You and your significant other need to put on this t-shirt (that's right, order a pair of these badboys). Grab a couple of 12 packs, some fireworks, and Old Glory. Hit your favorite party spot and see what happens. That's called getting "Star Spangled Hammered". It doesn't have to be...
Often confused, the patriotic eagle cousins are not one in the same. This shirt celebrates both of our nation's beautiful beasts -- the American Eagle and the 'Merican Eagle.
Parrots aren't the only birds that can talk. Check out the American Bald Eagle on this t-shirt. He's taking Freedom of Speech to a new level. I'm not going to tell him to stop. Are you?
Everybody’s got that one buddy who’s crazier than a snake’s armpit. Even more maddening, with beer in his belly, destruction of property, public embarrassment and long-lasting memories are bound to take place—there’s nothing better. However, no matter how wild and crazy he might get, there’s one patriot who can easily...
It’s no longer 1999 and S-Club 7 might be out of the pop culture picture, but that doesn’t mean old-school parties can’t kick it like they once did, right? As such, if you fought or would’ve fought for The Red, White and Blue as an Allied force in one of...
I bought Shake. My brother bought Bake. As soon as we received our shirts, we opened the box and a bald eagle with a mullet flew out at top speed. We took this as a good omen. As we tried on our new Shake & Bake shirts, we felt the...
I bought Shake for myself, and Bake for my grandson. That little pecker never looked happier in his whole life. When he saw me wearing Shake, and went to change into & Bake, he had been wearing some stupid shirt with a lesbian named Justin Bieber on it. That move...
Because you're from a country of champions, and everyone should know it. Don't make us 3-peat!
This tee is simple: The Punisher and the Stars and Stripes. It stands for all things badass. Like America, apple pie, beer, and an M-16. Because if you don’t stand for something, then screw you.
"Before I ordered this shirt, I benched 225. Now, I can lift the souls of millions of oppressed peoples across the globe, bringing the almighty American might of the Bald Eagle to every foreign man, woman, and child. Makes me want to sling an M-60 across my back and liberate...
Mama always told you God made you extra special. Where just a dash of patriotism should have gone, you have a whole heap. It's a happy mistake from above!
Much like diabetes, communism is a disease of the heart. Keep your heart pure by saying the Pledge of Allegiance each and every day. Keep the commies away by saying it as loud and as obnoxiously as possible, preferably while holding a Budweiser with an American flag draped over your...
The message on this t shirt got me so fired up one 4th of July. How fired up? After tossing back a 12'er, my buddies say that I went running down Main Street wearing this shirt and no pants. Apparently, I was waving a large American flag with lit sparklers...
"Since buying this shirt: I have been invited to sing national anthems at baseball games. People have stopped treading on me. Women address me as Mr. Theodore Abraham Washington, the LXIX before throwing themselves at my feet (which generally hover above the ground). I can drink 16 oz of Budweiser...
It ain't easy being a patriot -- or everyone would do it. It is easy to say you're a patriot -- until it's time to do some real patriot sh*t. It's easy to spot a real patriot when they're wearing this shirt.
If the jolly roger and the American flag had a baby, it would be this darkly patriotic shirt. If you are an American, and you will salute the flag until the day you die, and you represent all that is American-as-f***, then this is your shirt.
Will Ferrell is America. America is Will Ferrell.
Except for all those hot foreign babes...let 'em in!!!!!  Warning: some people WILL hate you for wearing this.  But, you give 0 f*cks.
"I got this superb garment in the mail today. I could tell right away that there was something different about it--perhaps the chorus of Angels singing as a lone ray of light from heaven shone brilliantly upon this shirt, while I was indoors. Yes, its powers are that potent.Not wanting...
All lives have equal value. Unless you're a stinkin' commie or terrorist. But you get the point. Merica.
This is Sparta! No, this is ‘Merica! No, this is America with the spirit of the Spartans. Now put on your battle shirts, because tonight we dine in hell!
Ensure you're getting 100% of the nutrients needed to maintain a whole and balanced 'Merican Diet. It's 100% Communism free and full of Freedom.
Drugs never stood a chance after Ronald Reagan declared a war on them in 1982. Ragin' Reagan set his target on America's biggest enemy and flexed his presidential power to make certain every young American declared, "Just say no!" But you can just say yes, to wearing this shirt. To...
The shirt GUARANTEED to melt terrorist faces!
You’ve heard the old adage, right? “Finders keepers, losers weepers.” Though usually rearing its ugly head amongst groups of painfully spoiled children, the phrase now means more to NASA and the American people than ever before—that’s right, using the MARS Rover, we staked our claim on Mars. Must really suck...
You made a bet that you could still do a handstand? Read my shirt. You told a girl at the bar that you were, "looking for a treasure" and, "Can I look around your chest?" Read my shirt. You got a frog tattoo right above your navel, with his tongue...
Alexander Hamilton is well recognized as a Founding Father and promoter of the US Constitution, but it's his 2nd amendment biceps that really got sh*t done. Check out those Hamilguns on this tshirt. If you hulk out too much, it is available sans-sleeves.
Show the world how much of a man or woman you REALLY are by throwing on a pair of Silkies and wearing this shirt!
I can't wait for "American As F*** Independence Day" to become a National Holiday. Do you know how many f'n days we'd have off? Get the shirt and spread the word. If we act quick, there's a good chance we could get a House vote before the Holiday break.
  A classic gray t-shirt for the patriotic man. This "Proud 17" tee worn together with your woman's "American 76" will show you're a patriotic couple. Just make sure that you walk on the right side of one another.
Old George was the OG that BREXIT’D before it was cool. All you other haters are just imitators. Movers and players without any booty shakers. Let’s hear it for America!
Donald Trump is large. It's hard to see the physique when he's standing behind a podium. The Donald has muscles that the average human does not. It's all in his book "The Art Of The Deal". His hair can bench press 265 lbs......dead lifts 425 lbs. Not too shabby. Get...
The history books may not give George Washington props for it, but the first prez was swole AF. Factor in that whole cherry tree incident, and this founding father was the OG of the Woodsman Workout too.
Teddy Roosevelt? More like, Teddy Swolesevelt! Before Tom Selleck came on the scene, this buff teddy bear was rocking the most celebrated 'stache in the land and flexing on business trusts. Getting nasty on a regimen of gymnastics and weight-lifting, this Rough Rider's physique was rugged AF. Here's to the...
Teddy Roosevelt was a man’s man. Not only did he rock one of the smoothest, most confident mustaches known to mankind, but he was a well-known outdoorsman, frequently skinny-dipped in the Potomac River while in office and was nearly blind in one eye, due to an injury obtained in a...
Today's adults would nowhere without the solid guidance from the forefathers of American television. At the end of each week in a magical time call the 1990s, today's doctors, lawyers, and teachers would yell "TGIF!!" and gather round the tube to gain wisdom on how to solve the world's problems...
"American As F Beer" Get the shirt that features the only beer brewed, bottled, trucked, sold, bought, and consumed fully in America. Now wonder they call it, "The King of American F'n Beers". Drink up you patriotic SOBs.
"As a hardcore t-shirt connoisseur, the quality of this product is epic, as is the graphic that is masterfully silk screened to this fine t-shirt. Lick n' Stick graphic this is not. I couldn't of torn my button-up work shirt off any faster if I was on a prom date....
I can't tell which looks better in this photo, First Lady Trump or Old Glory. Either way, the combination is a stunning image to wear proudly on your chest. 'Merica.
Your childhood friend is all grown up and ready for business. Winnie the Pew is ready to strike as needed as a U.S. Marine. Pew Pew!
Protecting Hundred Acre Wood and 'Merica, Winnie the Pew is a perfect soldier in the U.S. Army. Don't mistake his cute for weak, he's fueled of honey and freedom.
Get the t-shirt showing Donald posing with his Christmas gift from First Lady, Melania. Grab that President Trump!
Nothing like a quote from Johnny Cash to wear proudly on the front of your t-shirt. Real words from a real American, and I think he means it.
Prove that just because you're a conservative doesn't mean you don't support LGBT causes. Liberty, Guns, Beer, and Trump.
No matter your feelings about the 2016 election, we all could use a little more love in our life. Bring back that loving feeling and start campaigning for Maverick and Goose in 2020.
Not only was Top Gun one of the best movies of the 80s, it featured Maverick, one of the best characters of all time. Get the t shirt and relive the magic.
"Due to the pure testosterone this shirt gives off coupled with my beard I cannot wear this shirt in public or women will fight to the death for the chance to mate with me. So I just wear it around the house when im falling trees or bulldozing something as...
Make certain nobody ever forgets the sweet face of Harambe, one of America's true heroes. Serve up guilt -- just like mom used to make -- to that the person staring at your chest that they ever spend a moment thinking about anything other than this true patriot of an...
The shirt that says your hearts still beating and your Country is still standing tall. It will take an awful lot to take either of us down. Together we stand, divided we fall.
A tshirt for when you know your gains are going to be so massive it's unholy. Father please forgive me, for these gains I'm about to receive -- because it's going to be sick.
She gave you life, now you're protecting hers. Kill a Commie for Mommy, she'll be so proud.
What does the message on my shirt mean?..... Under the stars and stripes of America, I was born with certain unalienable rights, and I'll die with the same rights. The time in between, I'll spend defending them against any whining, crying, sniveling panty waste looking to take them away from...
Be FLEXable. When you're too close for missiles, you've gotta switch to guns.
The only candidate that could possible destroy the Maverick/Goose two party system -- Iceman. We all know he was the coolest character in Top Gun -- pun intended.
Do you routinely list “protein” as a job qualification on your résumé? Does the thought of tomorrow’s “leg day” keep you awake at night? And lastly, do yoga pants make you wildly randy? If you answered in the affirmative to any of these, odds are high that you not only...
I'm fluent in two languages: American and movie quotes. I like to let everyone know which languages to speak to me, so I wear this shirt everywhere I go.
Every Goose has its Maverick, and every Maverick has its Goose. The important thing is that you have a wingman. So don’t forget to buy your bro one too. 



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