Semper Silkies

FREE SHIPPING! "These shorts are the best thing to happen to me since the creation of democracy. Nothing screams freedom like your bits and pieces being gently cradled by these justice inducing booty shorts while your downstairs mix-up is thrust into the face of every angry protester and nut job...
Own a true masterpiece of American History. Behold:   Chesty Puller kicking the absolute shit out of Yeti monsters on Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War! 18x24" 100lb, HIGH QUALITY PRINT
WRAP YOURSELF IN FREEDOM!  Feel safe and warm in the official DD 214® blanket!   100% Polyester Fleece dd214 blanket SMALL   40" x 30" Fleece Blanket  MEDIUM  60” x 50” Fleece Blanket  LARGE  80” x 60” Fleece Blanket 
Goose, Maverick, and Iceman aren't fit to carry this man's jockstrap. Get the t-shirt featuring the real "Top Gun", General James "Mad Dod" Mattis.
If the best offense is a good defense, then it’s about damn time we have a Secretary of Defense that will kick ass and take names. Congrats, General Mattis, on your new job.
Mattis for Secretary of the Department of Knife Hands and Throat Punches? Has a certain ring to it. General Mattis would be the perfect man to lead it. Hell, he's the only man to lead it. Get the shirt, and spread the word.
If you f* with me, I’ll kill you all!!! This is General “Mad Dog” Mattis, m*ther f**ers, the man who once killed 20 jihadists with a single grenade… before it exploded. Forget about the crooked old lady and the spray-tanned man-baby. When it comes time to dine in hell, we’ll...
What? I just killed 5 jihadis with a jiu jitsu bitch-slap, bombed the rest, and left their village in freedom flames! Are you not entertained?!
What’s more American than General “Mad Dog” Mattis standing before the stars and stripes? That image on a muscle shirt, preferably worn with cut-off jeans at your next shotgun wedding.
Wear this sweet tank, and feel the power of Chesty. When you walk out the door, bald eagles will soar down before your eyes. When you hit the gym, you’ll throw down an epic f**ing chest day, leaving the peons to revel in your glory. And when you hit the...
You are special. Well, you’re okay. In fact, you are the “World’s Okayest Lance Corporal”. So that’s something. Go ahead and brag about it with this AAF t-shirt.
We’re not saying some lives matter more than others, but if we’re going to say black lives matter, then we’re sure as hell going to show some love for our lance corporals. Get your LCPL Lives Matter shirt and make a statement that is American as F***. Image is on...
Let’s run through a few questions, here. First, are you a godless human set on socializing the American state? Next, do you invent issues involving racism, feminism and equality to make yourself feel high and mighty? And lastly, did you lose sleep over the death of Harambe? If you answered...
Get this shirt and start dropping quotes like "Mad Dog Mattis" himself. Gems like, "I don’t lose any sleep at night over the potential for failure. I cannot even spell the word." and "I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my...
Netflix and chill? Please. Netflix is for soppy, saggy couch potatoes. More like field day and chill… because America is more than just movie streaming.
You are the “World’s Okayest Lance Corporal” and you want everyone to know it. Throw an okay party with okay beer and show off your okay ass. Because you’ve earned it!
You might not be the eminently qualified Marine and you might not get that 5.0/5.0 but by God you are Okay!  
You’re stuck in a frozen apocalyptic wasteland, surrounded by 20-ft gorillas, and an American flag at your back. What do you do? The answer is simple: What Would Chesty Do? WWCD, because ‘Merica!
When you’re in the middle of a frozen wasteland, staring death in the face, give it a little smirk. Just like Chesty. Because there’s no evil in the world that can’t be exterminated with a little American grit and a lot of firepower.
‘Merica! F*** yeah! Chesty Puller is here to save the day. He’s loaded up and ready to kill with the spirit of the Stars and Stripes behind him. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re in enemy territory and surrounded 29-to-1… that only simplifies the problem.
Well, if the apocalypse is near, and the dead are about to rise up from their graves, then we might as well vote for the badass generals of the undead. They’ve done this before. Puller-Basilone ‘16!
When life gives you lemons and turds, take them out with red-blooded, ass-kicking marines. They hit hard, hit fast, and hit often. Vote Puller-Butler ‘16 and you won’t have to pretend to enjoy that shit lemonade.
So we have to decide between the rich sociopath with the tiny hands and the rich sociopath with the vagina? America deserves a president that will put their own life on the line, instead of paying someone else to. We’re with Puller-Daly 2016!
We’re diggin’ heroes up from the grave for this year’s presidential election! Two of America’s finest. The legendary Lejeune has joined forces with the great Chesty Puller to create one ass-kicking ticket. Because you don’t hurt ‘em if you don’t hit ‘em..
There’s donkeys on the left, elephants on the right, and you’re stuck in the middle with a bad taste in your mouth. Where do you turn? Let’s go with Puller-Mattis 2016 - because there’s no better friends and no worse enemies than American marines.
God damnit, Carl!! You did it again. Running for US President. Let's be honest folks, are any of the candidates better than Carl? We could do worse. At least Carl served his country.
Grab the shirt and help generate the word....."Mattis 2016"...Here’s four simple reasons why he is the write in candidate of 2016. He understands and loves America, possesses moral clarity, is a perpetual student of history and people, and he wins. Can Billary or Bigmouth make even ONE of those claims?...
Our current Secretary of Agriculture is more like a Secretary of Nag-riculture. Stop the nagging and let the blood rain down, because General “Mad Dog” Mattis is coming! Because Blood makes the grass grow.
Anything and chill, means one thing. Just read the t-shirt. In this case, it's "Working Party and Chill", so follow me.
for all our netflix binge watchers out there who after 4 episodes of Dexter become a killing expert...    
"The Devil Doge" t-shirt is here. First in, and last out. The Devil Dogs have proven themselves since the American Revolution. The very mention of the word, Marine, invokes fear in those on the wrong side of the leatherneck's gun sight. OOHRAH!
So you thought you rated, huh? Tell me more about how awesome you are. At least for now, you can wear a shirt that says you thought you made it. Image is on the back of the shirt. Perfect to wear with your cammies! Ships to FPO/APO/YourMom'sHouse
  The ultimate Marine Corps birthday ball shirt. No other explanation is really necessary.
Image is on the back of the shirt. Perfect to wear with your cammies! Ships to FPO/APO/YourMom'sHouse The ultimate EAS shirt. 
Image is on the back of the shirt. Perfect to wear with your cammies!
That’s right. I have the right to bare arms, the right to spit free speech like a beast, and the right stir up feelings like deer chili over hot coals. If this ‘merica shirt makes people uncomfortable, then their whiny little minds just don’t get it.
The shirt GUARANTEED to melt terrorist faces!
You know, I really wanted to give this t-shirt a funny, witty description. But I'm just straight outta F's to give. I couldn't give less F's except if I didn't even bother typing this. If you're like me, this shirt's for you.
Full. Metal. Jacket. You were born to pew!
For some it may be a day of rest. For others, it's the day we showoff our fantasy coaching skills. For people like us though, it will always be known as "Sunday Gunday". You know what I mean?  
Anyone who put on the uniform in service of this great Country can lay claim to this shirt. Men and women from every branch, in any capacity, for any length of time. We salute you. You're, "Veteran As F***"
Merica is about freedom. This shirt screams Freedom like an eagle soaring over purple mountain majesties. Don't forget about the tank top version of this. The guys and gals who pulled the tank shirt from the bosom of Mt. Rushmore went a step up and decided that they'd make this...
A favorite for military hardfucks everywhere...
"I got this superb garment in the mail today. I could tell right away that there was something different about it--perhaps the chorus of Angels singing as a lone ray of light from heaven shone brilliantly upon this shirt, while I was indoors. Yes, its powers are that potent.Not wanting...
Still wearing your D.A.R.E. shirt because you don’t do drugs? Come on man, that’s just suspicious. Better upgrade to R.A.G.E., because you know, that’s what all the cool kids are doing.
Show the world how much of a man or woman you REALLY are by throwing on a pair of Silkies and wearing this shirt!
Anyone who put on the uniform in service of this great Country can lay claim to this shirt. Men and women from every branch, in any capacity, for any length of time. We salute you. You're, "Veteran As F***"
The shirt that parodies "Alahu akbar", the last words uttered by dirtbag terrorists, just before they blow themselves to pieces. It's also used as a greeting by Pastafarians who consider eating to be a form of praying to the almighty flying spaghetti monster.
Those were the days... or maybe you just got NJP'ed...
There are only two kinds of people in the world: General Mattis and People Other Than General Mattis (POG). Which one are you?
Those were the days... or maybe you just got NJP'ed...
If you don't know what a DD-214 is, don't ask.
Like the snake says, "Don't Jihad On Me!". Try to, and it's not going to end up well for you. It's going to ugly, and that's that.
I am a US Veteran. My oath of enlistment has no expiration date.
Give the t shirt that says, "No need to get in the cockpit. How about you grab these paddles and go stand out there on the deck."
Give the t shirt that says, "Don't know if I'd want you Captaining the boat, but I love you're Popeye impression."
Give the shirt that says, "Rifles aren't for everyone, but I hear you are really fast typist. "Worlds Okayest Soldier".
Grab the shirt that says, your service in the Coast Guard, technically make you a Veteran. The fact that you were a cook stationed in Alaska, in the mid-1980s, should only be revealed on a "need to know" basis. Trust me. *** Save an extra $5 Today only! *** World's...
Think you’re a badass? Have you ever killed 10 insurgents with a grenade… before it exploded? Have you ever told congress to f*** off on the house floor? Have you ever walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and then stopped to take a piss? That’s alright, not...
This guy shows up everywhere. He's superhuman. Actually, he's General James Mattis, pictured here boarding his craft at Top Gun This is only one of the many General Mattis shirts we offer. Get them all! Collect and trade them with your friends!
Mattis is a bad mother f***er, but Mattis the Barbarian takes it to a whole new level - a level where you can wear fur panties and still be the manly, ass-kicking, total badass barbarian that makes Chuck Norris look like a sweet old lady.
Vote Mattis ‘16 if you believe in a president that is polite, professional, and always ready to kill every f***er he meets. Because ‘Merica!
Happy birthday, marines! Remember the wise words of General Mattis: “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to drink every beer you see!”. Now drink up!
Crush your enemies. “If you f* with me, I’ll kill you all!!!” This is General “Mad Dog” Mattis, mother f**ers, the man who once killed 20 jihadists with a single grenade… before it exploded.  When it comes time to dine in hell, we’ll be with Mattis!
How long has it been since we’ve had a Secretary of Defense that knows how to kill a man with his own two hands? Well, now we do. Apparently, people actually care about America these days. Welcome to the new department of knife hands and throat punches, General Mattis.
If General Mattis were President - ISIS would be WasWas!



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